First, let us identify some obstacles to improving self-esteem.

1) Negative Self-Talk

2) Stinking Thinking

3) Mind Reading

If you as a parent practice any of these...STOP. You are the example your daughter follows. You can use yourself as a model and start working on these together with your girls.

Begin by plowing through these questions; then, work through them with your daughter:

What do you think when you look in the mirror?

How do you feel when you make a mistake?

What do you believe others think about you?

If it turns out that your answers are mostly positive, you’re at a decent spot. If the answers are predominately negative, let’s get to work. How? Retraining our thought processes.

Establish the Truth

I am beautiful. List several positive physical attributes.

Everyone makes mistakes. What can I learn from this mistake and what will I do different next time?

Can I read minds? I haven’t met anyone yet that can. The choice is yours. Consider why you believe what others think about you is important. Next, determine if it’s worth letting that affect you. There’s a good chance other’s think well of you and you may be self-sabotaging.

Cultivating positive thoughts patterns takes time, energy and effort. You CAN improve by creating new neuro pathways. You do this through repetition and visual reminders. Here is one for you.