To learn more about your true inner self here are some questions to ponder. We encourage you to write these down to remind yourself what is important to you when you lose sight of the TRUE you.

What do I value? Some answers will be tangible and some will be intangible…. mom, brother, friendships, kindness, acceptance, honesty, etc…be specific, list at least 5.

What do I believe about me? I am nice, I care about others, I like to help out, I am unique and am the only one like me. 

If you think or believe negative things about yourself, write down the positive traits and values you hold. A good place to post these is on your mirror or next to your door, somewhere you will see them often to remind you. When negative thoughts try to sneak in, tell them "STOP!" Now, replace them with the positive traits on your list. It may feel silly, but you need to remind yourself the good TRUTH about you; do it every time one of this thoughts cross your mind.