Parents, we are here for you. Girl Power Campaign has created a fun and powerful way to help your girl develop a healthy self-image, inner confidence and a successful Girl Power Mindset.  Through years of research we have put together the best proactive tools to support positive change in thinking, step-by-step guides to create open and safe communication, and resources to build a life long friendship. We will help you understand her needs and the simple steps you can take to prepare both you and her for the teen years and beyond. Feel free to print, share and post them for easy reference. We also have Girl Power Shirts, hoodies, award winning bracelets and more adorned with our positive and uplifting message to give her the visual and tangible support she needs. So get started today and find out What a Girl Needs.


What parents are saying

"I worry that I’m not doing enough to build their self-esteem and confidence. I found something that is so simple, yet I can see how it has the power to be extremely effective in giving girls a daily reminder of how amazing they are. The Girl Power Campaign Rocks" 

"Raising girls with a healthy self-image and a mindset for success is something that can be a challenge, especially with the mixed messages in the media. I know how important it is to help girls to see themselves in a positive light. That is why I love the Girl Power Campaign!"

"This campaign allows parents and children to come together at a critical time in a girl’s life. These important years, with the hormones developing, girls of all ages need to be reassured that they are okay and that everything will work out, even if they don’t feel like it will."

"The Girl Power Stretch-N-Reveal bracelets are small, yet powerful. When you stretch the band you see the hidden message. I love that girls can carry a message of hope with them each and every day. When they are feeling down or need a reminder of their awesomeness, they can just look at that bracelet, give it a stretch and smile!"

"Love the message behind Girl Power Campaign. My girls have been living in their shirts and hoodies."

"There is a large variety of Girl Power products that both you and your daughters can wear. I love the hoodies and V-neck shirts."

CREDIT/SOURCES: The bulk of credit goes to research done by Dr. Carol Dweck, Dr. David Walsh, and Dr. Daniel G. Amen, all impacting the design of the Girl Power Campaign. Additional study – Real Girls, Real Pressure is used from Dove.

Additional Girl Power life tools and reminders are available at the GP store – GP Gear,  Stretch-N-Reveal Reminder Bracelets, Stickers, and Encouragement Cards.